Santa and Elf
Twas the Night Before Christmas, for Realtors®
By Phillip M Way 

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Our sign in the yard was placed with such care
In hopes that buyers soon would be there.

The guests at open house all had been fed
While visions of sold signs danced in our heads

A buyer! An offer! No time for a nap
But between seller and buyer there seemed such a gap.

Then on the phone there rang such a clatter
It was a buyer with money to scatter

He made such an offer with style and with class
He was ready to get this deal done and far passed.

I feared the appraiser might value too low
I’m just a Realtor®, what do I know?

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But an acceptable value, no worries, no fear!

With the inspector done too, thorough and quick
I knew in a moment that this deal would stick

No termites, no problems, no plans out of whack
It passed! It passed! For cheer there’s no lack.

On Agent, On Title Rep, On Sellers, get to closing
Accept this deal that the buyer is proposing

Take his cash in a flash and give him the keys
Sign here, sign there, and initial this please.

And then in a moment we’ll hear such good news
After fretting and worrying, with no time to lose

The trick to this story for real estate pros
Is that not every deal with no trouble does close.

So while you prospect and call and mail flyers
Keep pushing, keep working, don’t fear the long hours

Remember our team, by the Book does our selling
And our good news is news that’s worth telling.

Whether listing or buying or leasing or investing
Our clients come first, we serve without resting

Being honest and thorough, with service just right
Makes a Merry Christmas for all and for all a Good Night!

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