Friends and Clients,

I am posting links that give the conditions for the shut down announced today for Travis and Williamson Counties. This includes identifying what kind of business is considered essential and therefore allowed to continue “normal” operation.

Real Estate services are considered essential if the transaction involves one of the essential businesses on the list, and most commercial real estate is related to businesses on the list, so be assured that while I am working from my home office, I am still here working for you. I am still receiving inquiries on listed properties and still working to arrange tours either virtually or in person on a case by case basis. I am still doing daily property searches for those of you who are looking to buy, invest, or lease property and will continue to forward updates as they are available.

This is an uncertain time, but also a fantastic opportunity. Real Estate historically remains one of the best investments you will ever make. Keep a long term mindset and do not get bogged down in this fog of fear and misinformation.

Here are the shelter-in-place orders and a break-down of essential businesses from Travis and Williamson Counties:

Williamson County Stay Home Stay Safe Order

Keep yourself safe and sane! And if there is anything I can do for you during this shut down please let me know.

Phillip M Way
Licensed Texas Realtor

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